raft durance
raft durance
Hautes Alpes Rafting France fixe 0492454569 port et whatsapp: +330679812256
Hautes Alpes Rafting France  fixe 0492454569 port et whatsapp: +330679812256


kayak hautes alpes

It all begins on a lake or other flatwater area.

First of all, you have to ‘get to grips with’ the equipment: helmet, paddle, life jacket, spray skirt, toe plate, flotation devices…
Then your instructor gives you some basic advice, and you’re off!
Some of your first manoeuvres will include zig-zags, turning in circles and pile-ups.
But advice from your instructor will quickly sort these out.
During your lessons you will learn to paddle, turn, orientate yourself, stabilise yourself and carry out rolls.

After a few hours of practice on flatwater, you will progress to your first river descents.

Different descents are available, from calm to committing, and from class I to class IV. The landscapes here are varied and beautiful and include the Combe du Guil, Malafosse, and Clarée valley.

But the water is always cold!

Kayakers are a friendly bunch and there is a real team spirit, with members helping each other when they can. And it is easy to make friends with your paddling companions.

Kayaking allows you to learn a range of different techniques and/or you can specialise in, for example, river kayaking, slalom and freestyle.


Téléphone: 0679812256

PORTABLE 0776094153


camping de l ile

05660 Saint Crepin

Hautes Alpes



Canoë kayak

Ecole de  canoë et kayak  du debutant au perfectionnement individuel ou en groupe venez glisser sur l eaux vives

Stage kayak

Stage kayak de 5 jours a plus dans les Alpes pour tous les niveaux. a vos pagaies

saison 2020

A vos pagaies la saison redémarre l eau coule à flot profité des weekends du printemps pour plus de sensation

Guides independants de Saint Crepin 

A 5 minutes de Guillestre venez profiter des plus belles rivières des hautes Alpes, en rafting sur la Durance entre Saint Clément et Embrun ou sur le Guil pour de plus grande sensation

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